Group Therapy

Group therapy allows people to explore interpersonal conflicts in a safe space where they can learn to regulate their emotions and explore important challenges such as substance use/abuse, codependency, episodes of depression or anxiety, anger management, relationship/family problems, among others.

The group becomes a microcosm where participants can practice communication skills, develop empathy, exercise healthy boundary management, use assertive communication, and develop self-compassion.

My passion for group work is founded on the personal growth that groups have given me, and my intention is to offer a space that is a democracy of emotions, where through the word, the participants can support each other along the way towards discernment.

Group Psychotherapy for People of Color (POC)

Weekly sessions in English for adults who identify as POC (People of Color: Latinx/Hispanic/Chicanx, Asian American, African American, Afro Descendant, Mixed, etc.) with focus on Interpersonal Relationships, Emotional Regulation or Binge Drinking/Substance Use.